Sanguine Capital and its JV partners are pursuing several investment opportunities in Botswana. Botswana is a stable country in Southern Africa with significant energy deficits that are forecasted to further widen in the next 10 years.  The series of projects being pursued are in coordination with the Botswana Government, global channel partners, and on the on the ground technical experts and include infrastructure and power generation developments. 

The first project comes at the request of Government to conduct a feasibility study for a base metal beneficiation plant powered by Coal Bed Methane gas at Orapa. The JV will own the results of the study and is expected to be able to sell the study to 3rd parties interested in pursuing a series of other tenders. 

As part of the ultimate solution, the project will require a gas pipeline and the company that achieves this will control the growth of a gas-based hub at Orapa. The Orapa project is the main game in Botswana, as it will create a key new energy hub in Botswana using gas as the energy source, which is cleaner and more sustainable than oil or coal.  

Additionally, the series of projects will create a significant social good in providing new sources of employment, moving off of diesel as a fuel source, and significant water preservation opportunities.