Damon Connor

Damon has run his own advisory firm, Easthill Financial Partners, since 2004 and started in Germany. He has introduced and negotiated almost $2billion USD in debt and equity transactions. His diverse background includes volunteering for two years in Haiti, working with a co-op who exported coffee to the U.S. and Europe. He has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, finishing his studies at their Geneva, Switzerland branch campus. He has coached football (soccer) teams for his 4 sons since 2012 and has been approached by The Special Olympics to start up training again for the Brisbane North region.

Sanguine Capital Advisors is a boutique, international investment firm with deep functional expertise in venture capital and private equity.  By leveraging our expertise and extensive relationships in business, finance, and global economies, we partner and invest with other private equity and venture capital firms, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals, in order to realize sustainable returns, positive economic impact, and the creation of future opportunities.